Xyvelster Hollywood actor like Sylvester Stallone!!! OMG

Xyvelster Hollywood actor? In my early childhood days, one of my dreams is… to be like Sylvester Stallone a New York legend, who became one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors.

Have you ever dreamed of one day
becoming a famous Hollywood actor like Sylvester Stallone?

Sylvester Stallone

Actor | Producer | Writer

I don’t after to become one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors like Sylvester, but to star in one or more Hollywood movie/s.

Though, thinking to star in a Hollywood film is a “impossible dream.” I have dreamed that one day in my life, I’ll be a Film and Television Actor… Since, I know how to act, I’m handsome and nice person naman, ready to fully commit my self to be in film industry and willing to do what it takes to be an actor.

To be with the icon Sylvester Stallone in a movie is a great opportunity and honor. ***Wishing that will happen before Sylvester Stallone retires…

This is one of my greatest dreams so far that I wanted to really happen in real life.

Just sharing my childhood dreams..



Published by Xyvelster

Is a Filipino who loves to share his life =)

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